Terms and Conditions

If you purchase a mini lop from us and at the time you are wanting to reserve a colour, a 50%, non - refundable deposit is required.

  • ​ Our rabbity is of hygienic standards. NO access is allowed inside our rabbitry.

  • All kits will be shown to you by myself. I decide on the day of your visit if you are to handle a kit or not, due to protecting our kits.

  • We reserve the rites to decide and refuse a sale. This is if we believe our rabbits will not be suitable for your home or receive the correct care.

  • All kits leave at eight weeks of age and we provide a care sheet, education on pick up, a health check and an explanation of the health check.

  • We offer lifetime support and any questions will be answered, once a rabbit is in your care.

  • It is very important that the rabbits get the best food so that they are healthy and produce the very best quality kits.

  • We breed for our customers quality mini lops, with the correct features and looks. 

  • Our mini lops live in a non - smoking healthy, hygienic rabbitry and fly screened living areas.

  • All adults and kits are all up to date with all vaccinations, all care that is needed at all times.

  • All rabbits bread here has the correct teeth, to prevent a malocclusion (teeth misaligned).

  • All mini are given a break in between breeding, for the best health of all kits born. Also to give the mum a break and no inbreeding.