We have been operating for over 8 years in baking 100% Natural Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats. 

We love all our pets to have treats & there was nothing on the market (shops) to give to my rabbits or guinea pigs so I decided to start baking treats and making chew toys. 


My customers loved them and the rabbits & guinea pigs just wanted more so I starting dehydrating. The treats where a great idea & the results were very demanding so now we grow even more every day & every week.


Eventually, we started a website so all our customers have access to our treats and chew toys. I do a post out service & I also enjoy this as I know everyone has a busy life. All I want is for all the bunny's & guinea pigs to have our special treats & toys. Our rabbits never miss out on having what they love from us. 


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Parsley Forage Chaff
Purple Forage Mix
Parsley Hearts / Balls
Natural dehydrated fruit & veg

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Chew Toys

Chew Toys

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