Our Story

Hi my name is Nataline and my passion for mini lops started eight years ago, in my hairdressing years. I had two beautiful, young girls at the time and a busy life. So I needed to find for myself and my girls something new and exciting for us to enjoy. Being out on acreage with not many animals, we introduced our first mini lop, Charlie Brown. He was a small sotty fawn male. In no time the girls and I fell in love, with the newest family member. He got to spend some time with our salon customers and before we knew it, our customers were asking us for bunnies!

So there we have it, we introduced a gorgeous female to our family and Charlie Brown. Our passion and love for mini lops only grew stronger from then on. 

Now we can now offer the same love and experience of having a new family member in our home, to our customers.

We have a wealth of knowledge and will educate our customers as much as possible. At Bella's mini lops accessories and Treats Sydney we specialise in breeding mini lops to the correct weight and standards you are looking forOur mini lops live in a non-smoking healthy hygienic rabbitry. Rabbits make great indoor and outdoor pet with the correct living & care. Our reputation, customer service and high standers of hygienic rabbit quarters make us very popular and in high demand.